La Famalia

About us

A family owned and operated business that started out in 2002. Mom, Elena, always had a thing for cooking and entrepreneurship. For 25 years our mom worked in the food industry as a cook, a waitress, and manager. She always knew she wanted a business of her own and after working in the food industry she decided to open up her own food truck. She teamed up with our dad, Jose, and Dad never worked in the food decided to open up a food truck known as El Gallo Giro. business but he wanted something of his own and worked hard to become the chef he is today. For 20 years we've specialized in Guanajuato home style cooking. Mom incorporates a lot of dishes that she grew up eating and likes to put her own spin on them. At the front of the truck you'll find us Stephanie and Nicky taking orders and welcoming customers with a friendly smile. El Gallo Giro has been home to all of us for the past 20 years and we both hope to one day running the truck just like mom and dad did. So come by and try us out you won't want to miss out on our delicious food and family friendly service.